Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My friends are my family...

As the years have gone by I've learned how much friends really mean to me. My existance revolves around the ones I love, protect, and care for as well as their love and care in return. I'm unable to be happy unless I have them around me. When I was single, lonely, depressed, or suicidal they were there for me. I treat those close to me like family; we bicker, fight, and make up. I get told I sound like a dad with a lot of them, and it's for the simple fact that I want to make sure they are ok. I've stood by them in fights, trouble, and sorrow. I've held their burdens on my back, and it's alright with me. I've come to know who I am through them. I hope my friends feel the same way. We all need love. It may not be from our real family or a boyfriend/girlfriend, but we need someone. I'm grateful for all I have and I'll be even more grateful for what I accquire as my years flow on. Sometimes even a stranger can make you smile, think, or want a change in life. Never give up the opportunity to express yourself, share your thoughts, or make new friends. I've through quite a bit, and everyday I learn new things. I keep my arms open and welcoming. We can get mad at eachother but never end a friendship over petty means. Their is always an explanation, or way we can handle things. So grow up, be adults, and talk. It's the best thing you can do.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ah. Psuedo Vacation!

Psuedo Vacation!? You may ask. For me it was not a vacation of traveling, blowing money I did not have, or hanging out with loads of long time friends. No, for me it was one of personal relaxation at home with my laptop in hand most of the time. Working on my current book with the ever important ideas for marketing, and also working on my new book. I'm in the process of having some of my stories looked at for grammar, clarity, and enjoyment educational purposes. I'm trying to look into a website so I can send more people to learn about me, and hopefully want to purchase my book to learn more. So for me, it was mainly a vacation of personal fulfillment. Ha! I guess I did take a journey on my vacation, one to personal enlightenment.

Alas, I did fib with one thing. I went to Busch Gardens with a handful of friends. I had a blast. That's the most I've really done though, and I had a passport anyways so lay off me.

Now it's time to get back to the daily grind of lifting animals, handling more animals (my co-workers to be exact, I work with all women), and to play some practical jokes! I have to make money somehow since my book is not supporting me by itself, which it'd have 155 lbs of weight to support!

Hopefully, all will go well. We shall see! Chins up, and let the games begin!