Thursday, January 29, 2009


Language is what we've learned since we were but children crawling around on the floors. Dust covered bellies, and mouths full of sand. "No!" we'd hear as we got into trouble. Words are powerful beings without a face, without compromise, and not easily removed from one's mind. With a simple spoken word or sentence you can envoke love, greed, happiness, sadness, tears, smiles, hugs, and fights. They say "The pen is mightier than the sword", and it's true for if you can manipulate any language then you can manipulate one's mind. The art of writing and speaking is a powerful tool; it's brought great leaders to our time - past and present. Some of those leaders have been tyrants, yet because they could speak powerfully they gained unimaginable armies at their disposal. No wonder so many nations hate it when their people speak out, hence why America has always been a safe haven for everyone; the freedom of speech. Dare they give us the right to excercise it or is it just a ploy? Some of us may not be able to voice our opinions, thoughts, ideals, morals, or loves in the form of the written or spoken language. When that is the case we seek others to do it for us. Writing is beautiful. To read a wonderfully woven piece of work is like eating a delicate piece of chocolate. It should be creamy, satisfying, and empowering to the senses. Dare not let your thoughts go without proper expression. They are your words and you should find ways to use them. Whether it be with artwork beside it, or in the form of poetry, or short stories, or novels; let the world know what you're thinking.

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