Thursday, January 29, 2009

What are your rights as Americans?

What are your rights as an American? What allows a group or certain groups in our nation to decide that another group should not practice their religion, marry whomever they are in love with, or just plainly be who they want to be? When did it become "acceptable" to shoot down one's dreams, hopes, and wishes? Why is it like we're living in a bigoted world from the not so distant past with no hope of changing for the better any time soon?
Americans have a serious problem on their hands; they are human and being a human means you can suffer from fear. Fear of what you don't understand is what causes all of these hates crimes, laws that deny others their right to happiness, and the right to live in a "free" democratic sanctioned country. Bigoted people who have no sense of an open mind cause persecution on others making life as if we were under a communist rule. They create ridiculous laws, and they teach their children to continue the same evil thought process or they'll deny them as their own flesh and blood. As an open minded person I am glad that I can accept or at least deal with the differences of others. I can look at situations and make a sound judgment and know that it is one that can benefit both sides of any issue. I don't care what religion you are, but I think that if you're willing to take someone else's right to be happy you should be willing to sacrifice your own rights as well. That would be fair wouldn't it?
I don't agree with certain aspects of some religions, actions of some groups, and I don't condone anything that breaks one's rights as a human being. For some reason people think that because someone is homosexual that they shouldn't have the right to share the same values, financial securities, and raise a family as a heterosexual person. We've allowed the division between church and state to be collapsed causing stressful times upon everyone. You have homosexuals that are outraged making stupid decisions during protests because they feel like the blacks once did, and you have heterosexuals cheering that they've kept "monsters" from raising children. Who are you to tell someone they are not fit to raise children for the simple fact that they are in love with a member of the same sex? Who are you to tell a homosexual couple, that sees heterosexual marriages failed and tossed around like child's play, that they can not be together legally? Who are you to say that kids shouldn't be subjected to a different lifestyle when the simple fact is that it will allow them to become more open, caring, and knowledgeable people? This is not the way to change the world for better. This is a slap in the face to America because of our bigoted religious people living here who can't mind their own business, and they take other lives as their own.
When did we revert in our standard of thinking to that of a high school drama musical? Because of our actions we've denied our children from learning how to love one another, becoming accepting and allowing everyone to enjoy their rights as Americans. All our children are learning is hatred, and how to win in life by demeaning each other. There are places around the world that are accepting of gays, blacks, people with tattoos, piercings, and other religious beliefs. Because we have the rights we do, we feel it's also our right to deny other people their American born rights. I have a solution to keep everyone happy and on the same platform so no one feels left out. Why don't we just deny ourselves the right to vote and become a totalitarian society? We love having others choose our rights as it is so it should fit fine with everyone.

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  1. America is the greatest country. You already know what I think on the rest of your blog!